Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Investor Relations

As an Investor, where would I find more information about Taro?

A dedicated Investor Relations section is available by choosing “Investor Relations” from the top navigation menu on the Taro Corporate website. If you have specific questions or require further information, please contact our Investor Relations team by selecting “Contact Investor Relations” from the left-hand menu, in the Investor Relations section.

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Supplier, Distribution and Licensing Relationships (U.S. or International)

Would Taro be interested in entering into a supply, distribution or licensing arrangement?

Taro currently markets its products in dozens of countries worldwide. Since international sales are an important part of our business, we are always interested in learning about new opportunities, including those that may be in other countries. If you would like to establish communication with us regarding a suggestion please contact our International Division by clicking here. This will open an unsent email message window for you to type and send your request. Please have your area of interest as the subject of your email.

Research and Development

Does Taro accept formulations or ideas from individuals or companies?

Taro is interested in innovative scientific discoveries in chemistry and pharmacy. For privacy purposes please contact us by clicking here. Please have "Research and Development" as the subject. When we receive your request, we will advise you on how to proceed in submitting your ideas or formulations. Please do not send any confidential information in your email.