For many years Taro has practiced social responsibility, spearheading processes and activities to reduce social inequality.
Taro is built on the understanding that company employees are the 'active ingredient' of its success.
Our social message is an inseparable part of Taro’s world view as reflected in our vision, core values, and everyday conduct.

Taro is active in promoting education and fostering technological abilities, supporting healthy lifestyles, and works with and for the local community in which it operates.
In line with the idea of working a local community, Taro has elected to form a partnership with the West Kiryat Haim neighborhood and join forces with the Heinrich Heine House and Cherna House community centers, focusing on populations in a variety of walks of life.

Taro has established a volunteer program geared to provide motivated employees with volunteer opportunities best suited to their skills and preferences.
Members of the Taro social action team, representatives of Taro divisions, lead all corporate citizenship activities, with the support of all volunteers.

What do we look for in a partner community?

  • A change-generating project and an opportunity for setting up a model worth copying that would be meaningful to Taro volunteers.
  • A long-term project that increases our ability to generate change, emphasizes the organization’s commitment, and gradual growth of the facilities.
  • Connection to Taro's organization core values.
  • Enables volunteers to express multi-faceted skills and abilities.
  • A supportive organizational infrastructure.

In recent years Taro has set important processes in motion:

  • Educating for excellence and promoting technological education; this includes providing students with academic support and professional instructional tours
  • Environmental protection activities:  cleanup projects, home repair projects
  • Health and wellbeing projects:  health workshops, health week, enrichment classes
  • Procurement of social products as part of the corporate responsibility concept
  • Supporting underprivileged families and solitary senior citizens with holiday food packages
  • Engaging underprivileged university students
  • Hiring people with special needs

Taro is proud of the positive impact it has on all areas of life in the neighborhood, and will continue to work with residents of all ages, starting with preschool children through to senior citizens.
By leading a clear-cut social agenda that reflects Taro business strengths, expertise, and human resources, Taro intends to pitch in, doing its part to reduce social inequality.